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'...when you live totally and you live intensely, each moment becomes golden, and your whole life becomes a series of golden moments' Osho

Family Constellation

Personal Development Programs

These transformational courses are designed to give you a different perspective of your life and yourself, to revalue what is truly important to you and to discover new dimensions of
your being.

Family Constellation

A method, based on the work of Bert Hellinger, to uncover unconscious energies you have been carrying from your family that have been running your life and affecting your present day relationships, emotions and behavior.

Symptoms we work with include depression, conflicts in the family or with members of the opposite sex, lack of purpose in life, unsatisfying relationships, inability to hold a relationship together, continual conflict, damaged love, pain, suffering, isolation, irrational emotions, low energy or simply a feeling of not being in your right place.

As long as there is unfinished business in our family dynamic, we will bring this into our current relationships, whether romantic, within the family itself, or at work.

The workshop will give you the opportunity to see how the dynamics in your family have been operating, and to understand how certain hidden situations have been burdening you energetically, emotionally and psychologically.

It is a way to lovingly heal old wounds of the past and to step into the present with a new energy, a new opening to the possibilities that life brings.

A way to understand that you have been carrying burdens and destinies which do not belong to you, and to see that you can drop them.

And it is above all, a way to make space in your life for love to flow anew.

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Self Love

If we don’t love, respect and accept ourselves, who else will?

And, if we don’t love ourselves, we don’t let other people love us, not really. We let them close to a certain point, but no closer. We are suspicious of their love.

It is time to learn how to start loving ourselves so we are not so dependant on others opinions.

An old movie. The enemy within

Does this storyline sound familiar?

Every time you want to go for the man or woman you are really attracted to, the job you would love to do, the dream you have been forever putting off, a little voice in your head says ' you’re not interesting enough, not attractive enough, not courageous enough.'

Definitely a B-grade movie.

We were not born with these negative ideas. Where on earth did they come from?

And more importantly, how can we become free from their tyranny?

Rewriting the script

During our most formative years, most of us knew what it felt like to have been on the receiving end of judgments, from our teachers, our peers, from within our own families.

Well meaning though they might have been, these pressures to be or become something we were not, profoundly affected us…whether we liked it or not.

The causes themselves may have disappeared long ago, but the scars still exist. Scars from feeling abandoned or emotionally deprived, from being ridiculed or shamed. And the fear and shock still exist, stored in the body’s memory.

The Self Love process allows you to become aware of all the limiting beliefs you unconsciously carry inside - to become aware of the radio by which we constantly judge and doubt ourselves.

Then you will learn a specific technique to step out of those beliefs.

We also reconnect with the inner child - the little boy or girl you once were, who collected all those ideas in the first place.

Because no matter how grown up we think we are, inside, the child is still unconsciously there. Affecting our behavior. Informing our choices. Motivating our lives.

Acknowledging and understanding this child inside is the beginning of self love.

It is also the beginning of a more authentic and compassionate life, because this child holds the keys to so much that is missing in our lives today, including love and intimacy.

By the end of this workshop, I guarantee you that you will have found an amazing amount of self-love!

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Constellation Training

This training is a deep self-experience on one hand while transmitting all the basic theoretical and practical principles of the Family Constellation work on the other.

In this training each participant will have the opportunity to put up his own constellation and so will experience family conditioning and understand how it works. We will also learn by watching and taking part in other participants’ constellations. The process of this work will be made transparent as the therapist explains step by step what is happening within each constellation and how the source of love can be found.

Part 1: Healing the Roots

This part of the training focuses on:

  • the parent-child relationship (family of origin)
  • the man-woman relationship (present family

We learn how to recognize the hidden dynamics in a family system, and come to understand who is identified with whom, who has been and still is excluded, who wants to disconnect from the family matrix, and so on. Through rearranging the constellation set up by the client, and by using simple sentences that reflect the intrinsic laws of the family system, the therapist supports an inner movement of the family members towards a new and healing picture, one that is more in harmony with the natural order.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Love and order in a family system — what supports love and what detracts from it
  • The main reasons why difficulties arise in the parent-child and man-woman relationships
  • The function of conscience
  • the experience of guilt and innocence and the need to belong
  • the balance of giving and taking
  • the solution oriented approach
  • the effect of healing sentences that heal
  • the difference between ‘blind’ love and ‘knowing’ or conscious love
  • the interrupted movement to the mother
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