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About the Workshop Leaders


Anando is one of the women in the ASHA Foundation, UK, list of 240 "influential, inspiring women from all walks of life and from around the world who are outstanding in their fields."

She has over 30 years experience of practicing and working with Osho meditations and transformative techniques. Her workshops have taken her to every corner of the world, to work with people of all nationalities.

Anando worked closely with Osho for many years, and her loving joyful and direct approach allows people to quickly realise their own potential for inner bliss and joy.

Anando was formerly a lawyer and business manager, so she understands well the tensions and stresses involved in everyday life.

Her book YES - A Practical Guide to Loving your Life is available in English, Italian, Chinese (both Taiwan & mainland China versions), and Russian. It includes the guided relaxation CD Watching the Mind.

Three other guided relaxations have been released by New Earth Records. They are Healing the Heart, Healing the Inner Child and Sleep Deep.

Her e-course, Easy Meditations for Everyday Life is now available from DailyOm.

Anando is on Facebook and is available for sessions by Skype.


Originating from London, Shunyo travelled to India in the seventies. Her training in awareness began whilst living close to Osho for fourteen years, as part of his household.

She has been practicing Osho’s meditation techniques for over thirty-five years.

Shunyo now shares her experience, facilitating meditation courses and groups for women as she travels to many countries.
She also conducts trainings for people who would like to teach meditation to others.

Music, dance and celebration are an important part of Shunyo's work, and this, coupled with her intuitive heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence.

Her book “Diamond Days with Osho” has been translated in eight languages.

Shunyo works with musician and friend, Marco.


A talented and successful recording artist in his own right, Marco’s own compositions of ethnic-swing and meditation music, played live, are an invaluable addition to the group experience.

He has been playing music to dance and celebrate as well as meditation music in Osho’s meditation establishments for more than twenty years and now travels the world.

Shunyo and Marco have released two CDs with music and voice guiding you through two meditations from the ancient Book of Secrets: Center of Sound and Just Being.

In addition, Marco has composed special music to practice a number of other meditation techniques from The Book of Secrets. Visit his website

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